Academic mobility of teachers /staff

The academic mobility of teachers and staff involves sending them to partner universities and organizations for various purposes, such as:

  • lecturing, conducting classes and consultations;
  • participation in scientific work in the framework of joint topics;
  • participation in continuing education programs;
  • internships during the period of creative holidays;
  • participation in conferences and seminars.

  To participate in academic mobility programs, teachers / staff need to prepare:

           1. Passport;

           2. CV (resume);

           3. Certificate of employment;

           4. Certificate of knowledge of English / or another foreign language;

           5. Motivation letter (with a detailed plan of stay at the hosted university).

Funding for the secondment of teachers and staff under inter-university cooperation agreements, advanced training, and conference participation is sourced from extra-budgetary funds or alternative financial means.

Upon the completion of their academic mobility assignments, teachers or employees are required to submit a report to the International Department.